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Complete Guide to send video messages on Kik Messenger

KIK is a popular instant messaging app used by 14 million users all over the world. KIK not only allows its users to send plain text messages but also allows them to send images, audios, and video messages through KIK. Most of us are fond of sharing videos which we find funny or interesting. Surprisingly KIK messenger makes it simple for us to share videos with our friends and acquaintances. There are two methods through which you can send videos through KIK messenger, keep on reading further to find out what these methods are!

KIK Messenger is an instant messaging app used by millions all over the world. KIK has a user base of 12 million users. It has grown exponentially from 1 million users to 12 million users from the year 2010. KIK is regularly updated with new features and updates which make it the top app in the instant messaging apps category on Play Store. KIK messenger was natively developed for Android, iPhone, and Windows phones. If you are a PC user, you can read our article on How to install KIK messenger on PC.


Game Killer App Download for Android Handset

Game Killer is an amazing game hacking app that enables users to easily improve their gaming by getting some free resources. Game Killer helps in hacking popular Android games like Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans and much more. The app also enriches your gaming levels by providing you some coins, gems, gold, etc. and you no longer need to do hard work because Game Killer is doing everything for you. So, in this post, I will tell you how to download Game Killer app on your Android devices.


GarageBand for Windows PC - Download

GarageBand is a staggeringly well known Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) application. Composed by Apple Inc, this application is selective to iOS and Mac OS gadgets. GarageBand enables you to effortlessly make podcasts and music tracks appropriate from the solace of your front room. Apple selective items rapidly turn into a fever in the market. In any case, GarageBand isn't a standout amongst the most broadly utilized DAW applications since it is from Apple's research facility. It's not a trend! It's a genuine article! Indeed, even with the assistance of android emulators, you can get GarageBand for Windows.

This application is stacked with huge amounts of highlights that enable you to make top quality music for the assortment of purposes. What is most astonishing about this application is it offers an extremely smooth expectation to absorb information and even the novices can utilize it to create resonant tunes.

GarageBand is allowed to download and utilize however has some in-application buys. Bluestacks can be utilized to get Installed GarageBand for PC for free. For example, there are just a couple of free circles. In any case, we think it is alright as your most loved circles are sensibly evaluated. A music darling for the most part wouldn't fret spending a couple of dollars on the additional items that have the ability to upgrade the creation.


Four areas of life that science has helped pioneered

Despite what the title of this article might state, there is virtually no area of life that science have not influenced in one way or the other, however focus would be drawn on four industries that have been greatly influenced by science.
They impact is so great that one cannot think how life would be without this developments in this area or sphere of life.

Health: it is a well-known fact in history, that Egyptians were one of the very first to deploy scientific process to treat people, by studying sick people and writing down their findings, to creating tools to help extract blood from patients. This changes small as compared to what we have now, set the pace for development in the health sector. Today it is possible to conduct transplants of various body parts and organs, something which was considered impossible 80 years ago. Also being able to know genotype status and blood group has helped saved future offspring’s from untimely death and ensure proper blood transfusion among people. Another key development is in the area of creating vaccines and health supplements which have helped provided much needed immunity to children and vulnerable adults, helping to curb off epidemics.

Research: one of the most exciting aspects of science is the fact that it encourages research so as to better existing devices, tools, gadgets, services or invent an entirely new product or service. By the process of conducting research so many ancient ideas and notions that were harmful to societal progress have been discarded i.e. you can deliver your baby by yourself, children who are always sick are possessed by evil spirits and several other old notions. Research has further helped in improving other aspects of the economy, as scientist study the industry and help create new products or processes to help boost such industry, a good example is the agricultural sector. Due to research better seedlings that have high resistance to pests and crop diseases have been developed and given to farmers to help boost sales.

Science has also made research available to the layman, volumes and volumes of books on various aspects of life or industry is available on the World Wide Web, accesses is unrestricted making information available to all too clear doubt and ensure understanding.

Entertainment: this is another industry that have benefited greatly from science and technology, the introduction of DVDs, CDs, Cinemas, Android phones and other gadgets for the consumption of movies and songs have greatly increased the rise of the entertainment sector. Songs and videos can be easily downloaded or consumed on the web, making entertainment content available to all. Also, science and technology have revolutionized video games and have made it an integral part of the entertainment sector, with the introduction of handheld gadgets and on screen display. Such which was not possible 30 years ago.

Communication: this is perhaps the most advanced sector of the 21st century, communication with residents in different countries used to take days, months, sometimes even years to achieve, as letters and telegrams took time to reach their destinations. However the introduction of mobile phones and global satellites has eradicated communication of days, months or even years to a few seconds or minutes. The introduction of global positioning system has helped pin point aircrafts wherever they are in the world, helping the tower officials help direct the pilots to the nearest airports available if there is ever need of an emergency landing, this in the long run have helped saved millions of lives.


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Globalization – A Boon or a Curse to Mankind?

The burgeoning change in culture, values and business strategies conspicuously observed in the world currently, can be owned to globalization, either through immigration and emigration or meeting with foreigners and probably living with them.  This has led to a massive adaptation in the present order of events in the world today, has been cultivated a. Globalization which has been widely deliberated by economist, politicians, civilians among many while some believe it to be highly beneficial, many others, however, argue otherwise.

One positive facet of globalization is the advancement in technology, The dependence on technology for day-to-day activities cannot be overemphasized. Ranging from television, cars, power supply etc., have helped create comfort for mankind also, the Internet has created the opportunity to connect with people irrespective of the miles which set them apart. Although these advantages exist, a Northern-Eastern researcher thinks otherwise, he pointed out that the educational system is being affected negatively by technology and that while it may not resolve school-related problems, it is much needed in overcoming the challenges which plague the educational system.

Other downsides of technology include the phobia for nuclear disasters, replacement of employees by machines, more production of genetically modified foods, and more. Kathleen McAfee spoke against the use of genetically modified foods for human consumption. She believes that modified crops are rather designed for pest control.

Another epidemic witnessed by the world due to globalization is the high consumption of fast foods which results in obesity. The World Health Organization in 2014 explained that a major catalyst for obesity is the changes experienced in the mode of transportation. More persons depend on cars and vehicles rather than cycling or walking leading to prolong period of inactivity.

Virtual working methods have also played a massive role in contributing to inactivity. The long hours spent on the computer do not only cause a long-term effect on the eyes but also leads to weight gain in most cases if not properly balanced with regular exercises. The World Health Organization asserted that environmental, and social changes, are both solely responsible for the inadequate support policies encountered by sectors such as agriculture, transportation, urban planning, education and more.

Further to the changes in transportation, urbanization has also been experienced, Most Locals of certain countries and races believe that urbanization has diluted cultural values and overtaken by western ideas.

The department of Management, Technology, and Economics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, conducted a study on the effects of globalization focusing on three key aspects namely: economic, social and political integration (Axel, 2006). It was noted that globalization contributed positively to the economic affairs of these countries, whereas there was no meaningful change politically. Thus, irrespective of the positive sides to globalization it, it is, however, difficult to ascertain whether the advantages outweigh the demerits. Consequently, certain rules should be laid in place so as to check Urbanization, immigration, or even attitude one adopts from others. This will help strengthen the way of life and habits of people.

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